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Miners reunited with wives and mistresses – simultaneously

By J. DeVoy

The Chilean miners slowly being liberated from the underground cavern where they were stuck for more than 70 days are being reunited with their families and loved ones, only to discover that those classifications are not necessarily coextensive.  For the freed miners, not only are their wives showing up to celebrate their freedom — their mistresses are as well. (source.)

Did we mention it gets violent?

“One miner has four women fighting over him in an effort to claim compensation offered to the families of those facing between three to four months underground until a rescue shaft can reach them,” the Telegraph in Great Britain reports.

A Red Cross worker told the newspaper: “We had a big bust up in the canteen tent when a wife came across a woman who claimed to be her husband’s lover – we had to step in and pull them apart before things got physical.”

As Charles Manson once said, “this is a bigger prison than the one I just got out of.”

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