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Ass-Hat Drops Suit Against Mass. Bar

As previously blogged in “Fail the Bah, Blame the Queeahs,” Stephen Dunne objected to a Massachusetts Bar exam question that had a gay marriage component in the facts. It appears that he has come to his senses and dropped the suit. (source).

Defendants have removed the patently offensive and morally repugnant question from the July 26, 2007 Massachusetts Bar Examination. As a result of this corrective action by the Defendants … Plaintiff humbly requests a voluntary dismissal without prejudice.

Defendants removal of the question is assurance that all future examinees taking the Massachusetts Bar Examination will not be forced to accept, support or promote a liberal ideology on a professional licensing examination. (source)

The Mass. Bar denies that they removed anything from the exam as a result of Dunne’s idiotic lawsuit. I find the Bar to be more credible than Dunne. I wonder what is next for this jackass? Perhaps a teaching position at Regent, Liberty, or Ave Maria?

I certainly hope that he never becomes a member of my beloved Massachusetts Bar.

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