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Most Gullible Police Agency Award – Collier County Sheriff's Office PWNED!

The Collier County sheriff’s office must be the most gullible law enforcement agency in America.

This document speaks for itself.

I bet the kids who told the police about this “menace” are having a hell of a laugh right now. It really goes to show how the hysteria surrounding the “war on drugs” will make idiots believe just about anything. I love this guy’s youtube video. You can tell that he is having a hard time holding back the laughter.


Oh man, and congratulations to the idiot producer who actually let this broadcast go out on the air.


Collier County and the entire journalism world — U R PWNED. Don’t believe everything you see on the intertubes.

Of course, if you still believe that “jenkem” is real, you should go check out All your jenkem are belong to us!

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