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Nice Work, Polk County!

As anyone who has been paying attention knows, Grady Judd has been on a moral crusade to repeal the First Amendment in his fair Polk County, Florida.

He had his attention turned to arresting Chris Wilson (either for posting a few dirty pictures on the internet, or for posting war photos — you decide) (source), and put out a crime bulletin because two kids stole a box of condoms(source). When a woman called the Polk County authorities for help with a stalker, they arrested her for obscenity. (source) Consenting adults, taking pictures of other consenting adults, showing them to consenting adults. Yep, that’s a crime that needs Grady’s attention. Good ol Grady, protecting us from immoral acts…

In the meantime, Lake Wales Officer Christopher Roberts, 35, was molesting a six year old. (Tip from The Liberal Blogger).

The Orlando Sentinel reports:

According to a Polk County sheriff’s report, the girl and Roberts told detectives they had been sleeping in the same bed Tuesday when genital contact was made.

Roberts told a sheriff’s detective that when he and the girl awoke, she straddled him in the genital area and he became aroused. Roberts told the detective he rubbed his genitals against the girl, who was clothed.

The girl reported that this wasn’t an isolated incident.

Yep, nobody screws with Polk County Law Enforcement….

Well, except six year olds.

Nice work, Grady. If you were concerned with actually protecting the children instead of pandering to superstitions and prejudices while wiping your ass crack with the Constitution, officers in your own county were actually committing unspeakable acts with children.

Yeah, I feel safe in Polk County.

Addendum, in all fairness, it seems that the Lake Wales Police Department has, at least after the fact, handled this well. Instead of clamming up, their chief issued this appropriate statement.

Words cannot convey my disappointment and hurt,” Lake Wales Police Chief Herbert Gillis said. “The members of the Lake Wales Police Department are understandably troubled by this incident. We will move forward and continue to provide exceptional law enforcement services to our community. The presence of sexual offenders in our community is intolerable. The presence of a sexual offender within a law enforcement agency represents the greatest breech of public trust. Our thoughts are with the victim during this difficult time.

Source here.

Would Grady have had that much class? I doubt it.

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