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No, I did not Author any Questions on the MBE

I read on a blog somewhere, that there was an MBE question that went something like this:

A woman wanted to get pregnant. A man, who had previously had a vasectomy, offered to have sex with her. He did not tell her that he was sterile. They had sex, and then the woman found out that the man was sterile. She wanted to bring rape charges against the man. (source – an anonymous reader)

One of the answers was “fraud in the inducement did not constitute rape.”

This fact pattern might sound awfully familiar to anyone who read Pickup Line Quagmire in Massachusetts. However, no, I do not draft MBE questions. Nevertheless, at least I know this much — loyal Legal Satyricon readers got at least one question right on the MBE.

Who needs BarBri?

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