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NYPD Blue Fines

This posting earlier slammed FCC Commissioner Tate for being a petty fascist. FCC Commish Tate — Asshat of the Week

Here is the underlying decision.

“In the scene in question, a woman wearing a robe is shown entering a bathroom, closing the door, and then briefly looking at herself in a mirror hanging above a sink. The camera then shows her crossing the room, turning on the shower, and returning to the mirror. With her back to the camera, she removes her robe, thereby revealing the side of one of her breasts and a full view of her back. The camera shot includes a full view of her buttocks and her upper legs as she leans across the sink to hang up her robe. The camera then tracks her, in profile, as she walks from the mirror back toward the shower. Only a small portion of the side of one of her breasts is visible. Her pubic area is not visible, but her buttocks are visible from the side.”

Oh… sideboob… well that’s going to give children nightmares, isn’t it?

Commissioner Taylor Tate issued her own separate opinion — given that the anti-freedom nature of the decision itself wasn’t enough. She had to lecture us in the process. That’s why she is asshat of the week.

Listen to this as you read the opinion..

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