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One Law For Them, Another Law For Us


A Rhode Island Cop, Edward Krawetz, kicked a handcuffed woman in the head as she sat on the ground. (source) Naturally, he claimed “self defense.”

[His] fellow police officer … testified that Officer Krawetz never expressed concern for his own safety, never said he feared serious bodily injury, never yelled out that he was in pain and never sought medical attention.

Even his own colleague testified that Krawetz never indicated that he was in danger of serious bodily injury from the seated and handcuffed woman. As a result, the right thing happened — Krawetz was convicted of felony battery and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Then, the judge suspended the sentence. (source)

Now, this filthy pig (who has had this kind of trouble before) is fighting to keep his job (source).

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