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OT: Proposed Motorcycle Law

State Rep. Carlos Lopez-Cantera has proposed a new law that would up the ante for those who endanger their own lives by riding motorcycles a bit too rambunctiously. HB 137 proposes, inter alia:

When a law enforcement officer charges [a motorcyclist] with reckless driving or exceeding the speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more the officer shall arrest the person, take him or her into custody, and seize the motorcycle, which shall be subject to forfeiture under the Florida Contraband Forfeiture Act. (source – citations omitted)

I see irresponsible motorcyclists fly past me every day — and I don’t exactly obey the speed limits myself. Nevertheless, this seems quite heavy-handed. If some kid on a Hayabusa wants to go 125 mph on I-95, and the inherent consequences are not enough of a deterrent, I fail to see how this is going to change anything. I do find forfeiture of private property to be an increasingly draconian tactic used (misused) by law enforcement all too frequently.

19 year old kids doing 95 on a motorcycle are not what scares me about Florid-duh’s roads — it is the 95 year olds doing 40 mph that are the true threats to safety here. Unfortunately, the 19 year olds don’t vote, and the 95 year olds have nothing else to do but vote and drive at 45 mph in the left hand lane of the highway.

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