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Oy Vey! Google v. JewTube

As if the putzes over at Google hadn’t already engaged in enough michegaas, now they bring gebrenteh tsoores by filing this mushuggeneh trademark opposition against Jewtube!

Well, I don’t want to be a paskudnyak, so to be completely accurate, they only filed a request for an extension of time to oppose, but just the same, I can’t see about what Google could kvetch! Likelihood of confusion®? A nekhtiker tog! What kind of nudnik would be confused between YOUTUBE and JEWTUBE?

Perhaps they plan to oppose on dilution grounds? Zayer naytik! Es iz nit geshtoygen un nit gefloygen! Genug iz genug, Google! You don’t need to control everything, you people out there in Mountain View. Al teesh borgli al beitzim!

On a happy note, my what a mitzvah! Hebrew hotties from Jewtube.

A sheynem dank to my friend Bob Frank for bringing this to my attention.

Update: There is more to the story than originally posted.

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