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Police Raid Gizmodo Editor's House Over iPhone Leak

by Christopher Harbin

For those who haven’t kept up, here’s a recap of this story:

1. Apple engineer loses his iPhone in a bar.

For ironic effect, Apple forced the police to use this hammer to break down Gizmodo's editor Jason Chen's door.

2.  Some dude picks it up and contacts technology blog Gizmodo.

3.  Gizmodo buys it off some dude and runs a story.

4.  Gizmodo editor’s house gets raided by the fuzz.

And here’s a preemptive strike at people who say “but he’s possibly trafficking in stolen property.” Fuck you.  I hope you die in a fire.  It’s a friggin’ iPhone.  If Apple can’t manage its trade secrets correctly, fuck em’.

Seriously, it’s a fucking iphone that was lost in a bar — is this really worth raiding a journalist’s home over?   Isn’t there a better PR way of handling this rather than breaking down somebody’s door?

But the real question is — will Marc still keep his love of Macs after Apple becomes the Fourth Reich?

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