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The correct answer is "sterlize me"

LawGuru Answers presents this question:

After a fight with my boyfriend, he said he was coming to my house to take back all the things he has given me during our relationship. After he knocked for awhile at my door, I heard him yell at my cat because it supposedly scratched him. I finally let him in and he went to my room, and he took the things he has given me and left. I wanted to have a civilized conversation with him and I wanted my things back, or at least the things I have given him over the years. I am an emotional person, and because he blew me off and said he wouldn’t talk to me, in the heat of the moment I called the police. I told the dispatcher he threatened my cat ( he didnt) in order to get my things. All I wanted was for them to call him and help us negotiate our dispute, however he ended up getting arrested for assault (for threatening my cat) I cried and told the officer that I didn’t mean it, but he said it was out of my hands. He did not threaten me or my cat – I was not and never have been in fear of him. I am going to support him in court and I want everything to be dropped, he does not deserve to have this on his record because it was a petty fight that I took too far- what should i say? (source)

I am not in favor of the death penalty, generally. However, I would very much favor throwing this dumbass and her cat into a wood chipper. Or, more realistically, I think that a little Buck v. Bell is in order — both for the girlfriend and for the cops who arrested the guy for his “pussy assault.”

H/T: securityeven

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