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Racism and Cell Phone Jamming

CNN posted an article about cell phone jammers. Some guy uses one on public buses, when he thinks someone yapping on the cell phone is being rude. This guy thinks there is a racial component to it. In short, his point seems to be that the annoying cell phone user is more likely to be black or mexican than the jammer (who is likely to be white or asian). Pretty soon, he seems to think, a black or a mexican yakker is going to kick the crap out of a white or asian jammer, or it may create inherent racial suspicion every time a call drops.

it is hard to deny that there is a significant racial (and class) component in the beliefs of those who use, or condone the use, of cell phone jammers. As many of you know, inter-racial relations in the USA between slavery, jim crow and the ‘war on drugs’ have never been particularly good. It goes without saying that a white, or an Asian person, trying to jam the cell-phones of a predominantly Black or Mexican crowd might cause or invite personal harm. Sooner or later a white (or Asian) geek is going to caught and lynched.

But that is not the real problem..

Once news of a few such events spreads over the intertubes- even a small cell-phone outage will make people suspicious of every white (or asian) within shooting distance.

Then there is the issue of Blacks and Mexicans in service jobs that involve taking care of pathetic old and dying white people. Don’t you think that they won’t “transfer” some of their extra contempt for whites by abusing the ones under their care? I don’t feel any sympathy for old and dying whites who get abused by non-white caretakers because what goes around, comes around. (source)

If he’s right, I urge all my black and mexican friends to stop using AT&T before they start a race war. For the record, I don’t think he’s right. The entire premise is just bizarre and relies on some pretty bizarre and inaccurate presumptions about blacks and mexicans.

H/T: Ferdinand Bardamu

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