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Ron Paul on the UIGEA

Another reason to like Ron Paul. I can’t say that I throw in 100% with his economic policies, but I can’t say that they would keep me from voting for him. His libertarian views on social issues are what makes him my Republican candidate of choice. His statements today about online gambling demonstrate that this is the kind of guy you can trust with authoritah.

Paul called UIGEA an, “Outrageous affront” to individual freedom. He went on to state the importance of respecting the American people’s right to decide for themselves whether or not they gamble online.

Paul is a prominent Republican Congressman from Lake Jackson, Texas, who is now serving his 10th term. He is a long-time libertarian and has voiced a strong opposition to the Iraq war. Following a recent debate in Iowa and more mainstream coverage Paul’s popularity seems to be rising. recently slashed his odds of becoming president from 15 to 1 to 8 to 1. Many pundits have him pegged as the Internet’s favorite candidate. (source)

I really do think this guy has his priorities in order.



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