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Scientology is a Fraud? No ham for me! Pass the Jesus, please. Nom nom nom

The French decided to indict the Church of Scientology for fraud.

If found guilty, the church could be forced to shut down in France, though appeals could see the case continue for years.

“This is a process in heresy,” Daniele Gounord, the spokeswoman for Scientology in France, told reporters.

The two plaintiffs, both women, say they were defrauded by the organization, which is classified as a sect in France.

Their complaints focus on the use of a device that Scientologists say measures spiritual well-being. Members use the electropsychometer, or E-Meter, to “locate areas of spiritual duress or travail so they can be addressed and handled,” according to Scientology’s Web site. (source)

So lemme get this straight: Scientology is a “fraud,” because they believe in aliens and e-meters.

Don't nom nom nom the magic space zombie jew guy! Nom nom nom meeeee!
Meanwhile, Jews and Muslims think that there is a supreme being that gives a shit if they eat ham, and who demands that they cut a little piece of their dick off.

Christians believe in a magic space zombie, who happens to be a Jew, and who Muslims think is a prophet, but only christians eat a little cracker that is made of magic space zombie jewness. Muslims take a month off from eating for a guy they can’t even see pictures of, let alone see the real guy. Mormons believe that a guy who couldn’t find a job found these magic tablets that nobody else could see, and found out that the magic space zombie jew guy didn’t die, but he moved to Utah and turned bad people different colors. Hindus and their octopus people who shit fire? Are you kidding me? And an e-meter is bullshit??? If ONLY the worst thing a “religion” ever did was sell you shit that didn’t work! You know what? Sea monkeys don’t really look like the picture in the comic books either! Big shocker!

Scientology sounds like bullshit, but compared to “mainstream” religions, it sounds downright sensible, and nobody who believes in saying “nom nom nom, I just ate God,” has any business calling Scientology a “fraud.”

If the French are gonna indict Scientology, I hope they’re lining up all the frauds and scam artists.

Line up the priests, the rabbis, and the imams and indict the lot of them!!!

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