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Steve, How do you Really Feel about Law Professors?

Steve H., over at Hog on Ice… tell us how you really feel about law professors:

Ivy League attorneys don’t teach law for a relatively paltry hundred grand a year because they want to. A lot of them have no choice. Law schools are asylums for the idiot-savants of the profession. The people who graduate summa cum laude and then have to bail after six months at the public defender’s office, because they can’t hack it.

Sure, there are exceptions. But they are unusual… Some successful attorneys teach part-time because they enjoy it, or because they feel they have to “give something back,” or because it feeds their egos. But if you go to law school, you will find that most of your teachers are socialist nutwads who couldn’t find their way to the courthouse if you slapped a label on them and turned them over to Federal Express. Many of the profs at my law school had never even passed a bar exam!

They were pathetic, or at least the ones with big egos were. Far-left kooks who went straight from law school to…law school. Goofs who loved pretending to be brave and rebellious, while working tenured jobs with outstanding benefits, and while toeing the administration line with a scrupulousness worthy of OCD. College is the only place where you can rebel by doing exactly what people in authority tell you to do.

They worked fifteen hours a week and pocketed two or three grand for it, while mewling and puking about the evils of capitalism. I know you think I’m kidding when I say fifteen hours a week, but honest academics admit that it’s true. (source)

Whether you agree or disagree… you gotta give it to Steve. The man uses language beautifully. Sniff.

HT: Althouse

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