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Take THAT Ass-Hat!

Two weeks ago in Subpoena Sleaze, I wrote about how a lawyer went beyond all bounds of reality in seeking information from a non-party blogger.

Turkewitz reports that not only did the subpoena get quashed, but the judge actually did his job!

ENDORSED ORDER granting MOTION to Quash Subpoena.

Text of Order: “Granted. Attorney Clifford Shoemaker is ordered to show cause within 10 days why he should not be sanctioned under Fed R Civ P 11 – see Fed R Civ P 45(a)(2)(B) which requires that a deposition subpoena be issued from the court in which the deposition is to occur and Fed R Civ P 45 (c)(1) commanding counsel to avoid burdensome subpoenas. A failure to appear will result in notification of Mr Shoemaker’s conduct to the Presiding Judge in the Eastern District of Virginia.”

So Ordered by Magistrate Judge James R. Muirhead.
(Entered: 04/21/2008)

I can’t believe it… a judge that actually believes that Rule 11 means what it says.

    Law school – 3 years of your life.

    Time to write a really stupid subpoena – 15 minutes of your life.

    Duration of the stench that sticks to you when you are the idiot who got Rule 11 PWNED by a pro-se litigant — the rest of your life.

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