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The First Amendment Is A Beautiful Thing

The Divine Queen and Heiress Mariette
The Divine Queen and Heiress Mariette
Often we are challenged to remember the importance of the First Amendment in the context of truly objectionable expression, such as hate speech. But every once in a while, the truly objectionable transgresses into the truly hilarious – as is the case with this gem. It’s an amicus brief filed in the California Supreme Court by the Kingdom of Heaven: World Divine Government in support of Proposition 8’s ban on same-sex marriages.

The brief’s author, one D. Q. Mariette Do-Nguyen, “Heiress Of The Almighty Eternal Creator,” is not merely advancing her own political perspective here. She had a dream.

After a night full of dreams, before dawn of November 11, 2008, before I woke up the morning, the Almighty Eternal Creator ordered me, saying, “You explain to them the consequences that follow each and all actions. Once they understand, they will listen!”

Along with my dreams during the night before dawn of November 11, 2008, the Almighty Eternal Creator instructed me to explain the consequences in writing and file with the California Court of Appeals, the Supreme Court, as well as the United States Federal court regarding certain individuals and government agencies for each and all actions. He seriously emphasized that world government leaders and high-ranking officials are like religious leaders and officials, and they must assist each other to comply with the Laws of the Almighty Eternal Creator/sole Owner of the earth and human race.

As instructed, the Heiress explains:

The issue of this case is gay and lesbians demanding that the State of California courts strike down the State of California’s Constitutional Amendment that passed by a majority (52%) of voters on November 4, 2008. This amendment is for wrong purposes of legalizing same-sex marriage. Courts throughout the entire State of California, the United States of America, as well as world courts DO NOT have authority to reverse the Almighty Eternal Creator’s Law that bans same-sex marriage.

This apparently is because

They lack understanding of the Almighty Eternal Creator’s family of three-the three branches that function in God’s family. They do not understand the Almighty Eternal God’s creation of planets, the earth, living creatures, including human souls and human natural bodies, and religious identities. The United States Supreme Court justices fell to the region where the Devil reigns, and the majority of them issued the following two decisions: separation of church and state and a woman’s right to abort unborn children.

As such,

These two matters (gay-lesbian and abortion) are just a couple of many major cases where people are exercising their free-will rights for wrong purposes. This has gone on for a hundred-thousand years and has contributed heavily to extreme weather, global warming, financial crisis, recession, global hatred, lying, violence, war and murder, serious sickness and diseases-often for the purpose of gaining rights for wrong purposes, power, and money.


For individuals who choose to exercise their free will and disobey the Almighty Eternal Creator’s Laws, their souls receive an energy supply “indirectly” from God, through a destructive channel, known as the Devil or Satan. The Devil or Satan was created by the Almighty Eternal Creator to discipline human souls. The energy supply distributed by the Devil or Satan is very destructive for purposes of destroy human on earth, the earth and human souls eternal life. Therefore, once anyone chooses to exercise free will by disobeying the Almighty Eternal Creator’s Laws, their souls automatically receive an energy supply from the Devil or Satan’s channel.

Therefore, in conclusion

Indirectly, God prohibits gay and lesbian marriage.

Here’s hoping that all the pro-Prop 8 briefs are similarly so well reasoned!

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