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The Passion of the Chris

By J. DeVoy

In a recent GChat session about his recent video game post (reprinted with permission), Christopher Harbin – who endorsed Obama just two years ago – saw the light:

Christopher: and the whole thing is solved by the market
Christopher: let them price the used market into the beginning [price]
Christopher: now it’s 90 bucks

Jay: and people will be like “lol i’m not buying that shit”
Jay: so every game will be awesome to justify the price
Jay: nothing short of a ‘Halo’ would be released.

Christopher: […] when did I go all libertarian and conservative
Christopher: I’m having ridiculous voter’s remorse

Jay: everyone is
Jay: I’ll be kind and let you off with a “I was right”
Jay: not that McCain and Palin wouldn’t be awful
Jay: but they’d be predictably awful
Jay: and it would be possible to plan for the future without being [sexually abused] in the name of fairness.

Christopher: hahahahaha
Christopher: dude, we gotta get a third party guy going
Christopher: why isn’t Bloomberg viable?


Christopher: I’m not an economist, but there is no doubt that destroying incentives for innovation
Christopher: is bad

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