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The Urinal Code

Louisiana legislators have approved a resolution calling for an amendment to the state plumbing code to require “privacy dividers” to be installed at urinals men’s public bathrooms.

The resolution was sponsored by Democratic state Rep. Mickey Guillory of Eunice. The reason, according to the resolution, is that “sexual offenders, sexually violent predators, and child predators can easily violate the privacy of others using urinals….” (source)

Yeah, I guess that it is possible that someone can take a glimpse. It just isn’t really a huge fear of mine… that a sex offender will glance over at me while I am peeing. Even if he does, how freakin long does Mickey spend at the urinal?

Any real man knows the urinal code anyhow:

  1. If there are three or more urinals, and all of them are empty, thou shalt take a urinal on the end. That way, the next guy can take the other end — leaving an unoccupied urinal between the men.
  2. Thou shalt never take a urinal adjacent to a urinal that is in use unless there are no other urinals available.
  3. If there are other men in the rest room, thou shalt look forward, down, or up whilst urinating — never to the side.

Why not just pass a state law that adopts the “urinal code?” At least that way small business owners won’t be bearing the cost of Mickey Guillory’s homophobic paranoia.

For further research, see the Urinal Challenge.

HT to Daily Docket at BigLawBoard

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