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There Goes the Neighborhood

In Eastwood (near Syracuse, NY), a church congregation is up in arms because a video store is opening next door and they intend to have adult videos available. (source)

Roosevelt Baums, pastor of the church puts it more simply: It’s just not right.

“Well, according to the membership, we wouldn’t like that in our community, especially because 4 percent of that business is derived from pornographic material,” Baums said. “Yes, we need something in the neighborhood … but we don’t want to bring in an immoral situation into our communities. We have enough problems as it is.” (source)

No, that’s not a typo. FOUR percent. In other words, a whole video store will be there, and there will be a few sexually oriented titles — and Pastor Baums and his flock of superstition worshipping idiots can’t handle that.

The pastor is right, we do have enough problems as it is. However, the problems we have come from adults who read a crappy 2,000 year old book scrawled by a bunch of child molesters who wiped their asses with their hands and think that it is the work of an almighty space ghost.

It never fails to amaze me when I see these fools — who believe that their imaginary friend is all powerful, all seeing, created all and could destroy all, but he would have an absolute heart attack if he saw a store next to one of his franchises that made FOUR percent of its income from porn.

Lets do a little math… lets presume that the store would make 100 percent of its money from porn. Tell me how many reports you have read about kids being molested in porno stores. Hmmm? How many now? Oh, ZERO?

Now… would you rather have a church or a smut store in your town?

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