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Thought Police Visit George Washington University?

Take this report with a grain of skepticism. After all, it comes from the “Christian Post,” and if there’s one group of people I trust less than academic social justice warriors, its Christians.

Nevertheless, this post claims that the GW chapter of Young Americans For Freedom is under fire for refusing to participate in “sensitivity training” about LGBT issues. (source) (An article discussing the training is here).

YAF is a political organization, but claims that participating in the training so conflicts with their religious values. Allied in Pride, a GW LGBT organization mocked the group and wrote: “[YAF’s] refusal to use preferred gender pronouns should be considered an act of violence and a violation of the non-discrimination clause required in all GW student organizations’ Constitutions.”

This is a total douche v. douche fight.

On one hand, you have the YAF. I can’t see what is “un-Christian” about taking a class that makes you learn how to be nicer to other people — especially when those people are from a group that, until quite recently, didn’t have a lot of friends or supporters. When someone tells me that their religious beliefs conflict with spending a little time learning about how to perhaps not offend people, it makes me think that their religion isn’t worth a fucking damn.

So, YAF, the only real point you’ve made is that the more people that turn their backs on Christianity, or at least the version your members practice, the better a place the world will be.

Now, in the other douche corner are the LGBT assholes. They’re even worse than the YAF. Mandatory fucking sensitivity training? Are you serious? Listen, if YAF wants to have as part of its oath of membership, “I pledge to hate faggots and trannies” then that’s their goddamned right.

I think they should care enough to maybe figure out if they’re unwittingly being mean to LGBT people. And, for that reason, I see nothing wrong with offering sensitivity training. I, myself, recently participated in a deposition of a “trans-woman” and didn’t know what the fuck to call her (is it “sir” or “ma’am”? Fortunately, her lawyer was nice enough to be patient and explain shit to me. I appreciated it. It allowed me to be more “inclusive.” Now I know. If she puts herself out there as a woman, then that’s what she is. You don’t call “her” “sir” even if “she” has a dick.

Yeah, its a little logically confusing, but it wasn’t all that hard to understand. So, as much of an “I don’t give a fuck about your feelings” person as I am, I voluntarily got a few minutes of sensitivity training, and I feel like I’m a nicer person for it.

But, if someone tries to force me to undergo training so that I don’t think bad thoughts, they can go fuck themselves. I can’t see how or why student organizations should need to undergo such “training.”

Now hold on – before you think I am on “your side” (whichever side that is), I do think it would be just fine for George Washington University (or any other university) to require a course on “understanding cultural and sexual diversity” in order for you to graduate. Why? Because if college serves any purpose aside from a place to experiment with drugs and bad sexual decisions, its a place where you’re supposed to have your beliefs challenged. You’re supposed to leave college more open minded than when you came in. If the school thinks that means having to learn about other religions, cultures, languages, and even sexual minorities, then I have no problem with that.

But forcing it upon groups, in order for those groups to function on campus? Douchetastic.

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