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Time to end the drug war

Better men than I have articulated reasons that the drug war is a stupid policy, implemented by stupid people, with stupid results. A picture says a thousand words, but a video wraps it all up in a neat bundle.

The search below turned up an amount of marijuana sufficient to warrant a misdemeanor arrest.

To bust a guy with a little bit of pot, the pigs broke down his door, shot his dog, all in the view of his seven year old kid. And you know what? They were not “just doing their jobs.” There comes a time when a human being exercises free will and says “just says no.”

Just say “No I will not break down a guy’s door and raid his home like he’s a terrorism suspect because he has forbidden flowers in his house.”

Just say “No I will not issue a warrant for you to search his house, if all you are looking for is some forbidden flowers.”

Just say “No I will not participate in this raid, captain.”

And better yet … if you get on a jury, and the defendant is charged with nothing more than possession of some forbidden flowers, then don’t try to get out of jury duty — and no matter what the evidence, do not vote to convict.


H/T: Greenfield

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