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Two Stupid "Religious Discrimination" Cases

In Utah, a group of atheists filed suit to stop the highway patrol from placing crosses at the sites of fallen state trooper’s deaths. 99% of the time, I side with the Atheists in establishment cases, but this one is just plain dumb. While I think that the judge went a little overboard in his analysis, most of it was right on, and the result was correct. (HT to How Appealing)

In another case, a Jewish family went to a Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Ohio. Apparently some white trash dirtbag working there burned a swastika on to the bottom of one of the family’s plates (on the underside, mind you) and served them dinner on it.

Ha ha. Very funny – not.

Why anyone would do this is beyond me. How the family noticed this is beyond me. Why anyone would eat at Ruby Tuesday is beyond me. What is really beyond me is how this family thinks that this is a violation of their First Amendment rights. Court is not where you run any time you are offended.

The manager of that Ruby Tuesday restaurant was, by all reports, as offended and disgusted as the family. (As I am).

However, using the courts in this way dissolves my sympathy for the family. They didn’t deserve to be treated this way, but they do deserve a resounding loss in court. (HT to on point news)

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