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US bans online gambling, Antigua strikes back

Back a few years ago, in an attempt to pander to the Religious Right — the “conservatives” who want to make government so small that it can fit under your bedroom door, and into your brain — Bill Frist jammed through a ban on online gambling. He was smart enough to attach it to a port security bill. Smart move. If anyone dared to vote against the bill, they were voting to “make America unsafe.”

Well Bill and your inbred idiot supporters, the chickenhawks have come home to roost.

The tiny nation of Antigua, which garners much of its operating revenue from issuing online gambling licenses, challenged the US before the WTO. You see, ol’ Fristy knew better than to make off-track-betting illegal. That discriminatory trade practice gave Antigua the ability to open up a little Caribbean whup ass.

The result?

According to the WTO, American copyright laws no longer apply in Antigua.

Nice job Bill. How’s that presidential campaign coming?


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