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Westboro Will Appeal

It appears that Westboro Baptist Church will appeal the decision rendered yesterday. This excerpt from The Underdog Blog (published by Westboro’s attorney, Jon Katz) was worthy of reproduction.

This case stirs people’s passions. I have heard from people taking issue with my defending WBC and its pastor in this case, and from others agreeing with my standing up for First Amendment rights, which I do again and again for people from across the political spectrum, believing that picking and choosing within the political spectrum is disingenuous to upholding the First Amendment. I went to law school idealistic about using my law degree for civil liberties, learned during law school that First Amendment rights are suppressed all the time, and feel heartened about being able to light a candle rather than to curse the darkness, through my First Amendment defense work.

Protecting free expression often requires defending dark and/or controversial views and actions. It includes defending against cross burning statutes, defending the right of neo-nazis to march in Skokie, and defending the rights of the adult entertainment industry, As the American Civil Liberties Union’s website proclaims: “It is easy to defend freedom of speech when the message is something many people find at least reasonable. But the defense of freedom of speech is most critical when the message is one most people find repulsive. That was true when the Nazis marched in Skokie. It remains true today.”

This WBC case will now proceed to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, where the First Amendment issues will be argued and reviewed. (source)

As an American, I hope that Westboro wins its appeal. See Soldier Funeral Protests and Why I Reluctantly Side With Westboro Baptist Church.

As a human, I hope that Westboro’s “congregation” and “Pastor” Phelps get the terrible Karma that they deserve.

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