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Whores in Columbia? Say it ain't so!

Hey, you. Yes, you. The guy over there, whining about the fact that some military members and Secret Service agents went whoring in Cartagena. (source) Come over here.


There, that’s what you get.

Here is what the law should be: If your job is to take a bullet for another man, you have the right to go whoring the night before you might get shot — as long as you get a good night’s sleep and a shower afterward. (After all, we don’t want you all sleepy and sticky when you’re supposed to be protecting The Eagle). I don’t even mind if you use my taxpayer dollars for it. I’d even pay more taxes if it went into a “whores for the troops” fund. If you are in the military or the secret service, and you are not on duty at that moment, what’s the big fucking deal?

If you whine about it, seriously, fuck you as if you were dragged into a den of reavers.

That is what you deserve.

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