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Wisconsin Law School Dickeys around with the First Amendment

The latest out of the University of Wisconsin: Sex toy party banned due to someone crying “I’m offended!” I might have expected this out of Texas, but Wisconsin?

The Wisconsin Law Students for Reproductive Justice had planned an event called “Sex Toys 101” to promote safe alternatives to sex, educate about sexual health and pleasure, and discuss law concerning sex toys, according to the group. (source)

Unfortunately, someone whined that the posters for the event offended them. Remember, in the left-wing academic world, the most important right that anyone has is the right to never, ever, ever, be offended.

But…but… wait… no, this was just about a school policy about commercial product sales, right?

Law School Associate Dean Walter Dickey said the event was canceled for content neutral reasons, pointing to a Student Organization Office policy that prohibits the promotion or sale of commercial products by a private company. (source)

That sure sounds reasonable, and it might be if it wasn’t bullshit!

According to Wisconsin Law Students for Reproductive Justice Chair Maria Selsor, the group brought in an expert from local retailer A Woman’s Touch to give a presentation.

“They received no monetary benefit from coming in — they do it as a public service,” Selsor said.(source)

When the group assured him that neither sales nor promotions would occur during the event, Dickey didn’t care. He decided that this event was not going to happen. (source)

“Dean Dickey’s response was that it did not matter whether it was a sale or not, there were to be ‘no sex toys on law school premises,’” the group said, according to a copy of the complaint obtained by The Badger Herald. The cancellation came just hours before the event was scheduled to begin. (source)

What really seems to have gotten Dickey all hot and bothered was the content of the posters for the event, which prominently featured pictures of sex toys.

“I [Dickey] also asked that the signs — blatantly promotional material (offensive to many staff and students) — be taken down because they so obviously are for the purpose of promoting commercial products,” (source – Wisconsin State Journal)

Judge for yourself, are these flyers “so obviously are for the purpose of promoting commercial products” as Dickey claimed, or is Dickey lying? I’m going with the latter.

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Addendum: A reader sent me a link to a law review article by Caroline Corbin on this issue. Link here.

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