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ANTI SLAPP MONTH: Write your Congressman NOW in support of Federal Anti-SLAPP legisation

By J. DeVoy

As Marc noted, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has introduced The Citizen Participation Act, the first Federal anti-SLAPP legislation, to Congress.

Like any bill, this one needs your help.  Yes, you, the internet user whose free speech, financial security and family’s well being are at stake if you find yourself in the crosshairs of such a lawsuit.  We don’t do a lot of political grandstanding at The Legal Satyricon, but dammit if we won’t come together like one big dysfunctional family to support the most important free speech legislation to be proposed in a decade.

Write your congressman.  Print this letter, add your name, and mail it. (A Microsoft Word version is also available if you want to start with ours, but customize it.)  

Unsure of whom to write? Find your congressman here.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t stand and never voted for him or her: This bi-partisan message needs to reach everyone with a vote.

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