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Alma Mater Report

University of Massachusetts might get a law school. Meh. At least they are going to possibly acquire an existing unaccredited law school, rather than open yet another one.

I think they would do the public a greater service if they acquired it and then bulldozed it, along with three or four other schools. Either that, or let it remain unaccredited (its grads can take the Mass. Bar), and devoted to public interest lawyering only.

On the other end of I-95, The University of Florida is tops for lowest tuition for an LLM in Tax.

And Georgetown… umm… sent me another alumni donation solicitation letter. When I needed financial aid, those pricks gave me a 9.9% loan. I offer the same to them any time they want it. But money for nothing? What happened to the $100,000 I already gave them?

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