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New Rule: When your name is a meme, you've got to be ridiculous.

You can't file dipshit complaints?  O RLY?
You can't file dipshit complaints? O RLY?

I honestly had to do some fact checking when I found out that there was someone named Orly Taitz. I really had to check snopes when I saw was a frigging nutbag she is. She filed a lawsuit on behalf of a soldier who didn’t want her representing him, she’s the legal face of the “birther” movement, and after being told to stop filing frivolous claims, she immediately filed a motion for reconsideration. (source) The judge didn’t have much of a sense of humor about it (nor should he have). He slapped her with a $20,000 fine. The judge’s order is fun reading.

I dunno, I can think of a few lawyers out there who are just as clueless. Okay, that’s an exaggeration. She’s nuttier than Jack Thompson fucking a football.

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