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Anti-Hillary Hypocrisy?

One of my most stellar former students (and one who was never afraid to take me on in class), Mr. Jeffrey Fuller chimed in on the Clash of the Anti-Hillaristas posting with some very interesting research:

With that introduction, I yield the floor to Mr. Fuller:

I went over to the C.U website and was surprised when I saw C.U’s General Counsel and Vice President is Michael Boos. He was the plaintiff in Boos v. Barry, 485 U.S. 312 (1988). C.U.’s website explains it this way:

The case involved a successful constitutional challenge to a Washington, DC law that prohibited the carrying of signs or banners near foreign embassies, if those signs or banners were designed to bring the foreign government into “public odium” or “public disrepute.” The law had been selectively enforced to prohibit demonstrations near the Soviet Embassy.

If any one is worthy of the ass-hat award, it is Mr. Boos. His intellectual dishonesty amazes me. On one hand he argues, he has a first amendment right to protest foreign embassies in a way the embassies find offensive. Then twenty years later asks the court to ignore the first amendment and prevent someone else from exercising their first amendment right because it offends his organization.

For this hypocrisy Mr. Boos should be considered for the ass-hat of the year award.

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