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AutoAdmit Case – Motion to Quash by "AK47"

It looks like one of the pseudonymous posters in the AutoAdmit case has decided to fight the plaintiffs’ discovery efforts.

The motion to quash makes some good points. Mr. AK47 is correct — his statement was outrageous, nasty, and mean… but it does not seem to speak to any of the claims in the case. His sole statement is here. Does he deserve a slap upside the head? Absolutely. I’d even like to be the one to administer it to him. Nevertheless, just because he needs someone to slap him doesn’t mean that the First Amendment should be trampled. The right to anonymous speech trumps the right to punish someone for offending you.

My prediction — had Mr. AK47 written his motion a little more skillfully, he might have had a great chance. Unfortunately for him, the motion is so poorly drafted that it will take some charity on the Court’s part for it to fly. I hope that for the First Amendment’s sake, the judge is feeling the love.

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