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Ronald D. Green

Vital Vegas v. Sahara

Scott Roeben, the owner of Vital Vegas blog, wrote an article about Sahara Las Vegas possibly facing financial difficulties during the pandemic. Roeben disclosed that the rumors were unverified, and he could be wrong. Sahara Las Vegas then sued Roeben for defamation. Roeben filed a special motion to dismiss under Nevada’s Anti-SLAPP statute and proved that his article was on a public issue and that he did not know of any false statements.

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Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady sued for breach of contract and trademark infringement arising out of Frank’s breach of a licensing agreement pursuant to which Gullivers licensed its FOXY LADY trademark to Franks for Franks use in its business, in exchange for weekly payments.

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Steve Dimopoulos, LLC d/b/a Dimopoulos Law Firm has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against NFL Properties LLC and Raiders Football Club, LLC seeking relief that the plaintiff did not infringe the defendants’ trademarks and trade dress. The case has been filed under 28 U.S.C. §§ 2201 and 2202 in Nevada.

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