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Marc Randazza


Ronald Green


Case Overview

Steve Dimopoulos, LLC d/b/a Dimopoulos Law Firm has filed a complaint for declaratory judgment against NFL Properties LLC and Raiders Football Club, LLC seeking relief that the plaintiff did not infringe the defendants’ trademarks and trade dress. The case has been filed under 28 U.S.C. §§ 2201 and 2202 in Nevada. Dimopoulos Law Firm, based in Las Vegas, practices primarily in personal injury law and has used a silver and black color scheme since its inception in 2012, which is not related to any professional sports team. The defendants, NFL Properties LLC and Raiders Football Club, LLC, have accused Dimopoulos of using their trademarks and logos in an advertisement without authorization, which has been denied by the plaintiff.

NFL Properties LLC, the exclusive representative of the National Football League (NFL) and its member clubs, and Raiders Football Club, LLC, the owner of Las Vegas Raiders Member Club, have sent a cease and desist letter to the plaintiff accusing them of infringing on their trademarks and logos. Dimopoulos Law Firm’s new advertisement featured athletes from various sports, including a player from the Las Vegas Raiders. However, the ad did not display any logos or names associated with the NFL, the National Hockey League, or any other sports team. The plaintiff argues that no reasonable consumer could associate their ad with the NFL and has requested the court to declare that they have not infringed on the defendants’ trademarks and trade dress.

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