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Audible urination, the final frontier of male privilege

By J. DeVoy

Over at Feminist Law Professors – a story I assuredly did not find on my own – a new way to “quiet down the men in your life” is proposed.

Pee stools! (Available here.)  This is a logical step forward for Japan, the world’s leader in high-tech toilets and worthless, effete men.  Combining these trends, we arrive at the pee stool, a bastard demon-spawn of unusual trends if there ever was one.

The female obsession with men’s ability to stand while peeing is nothing new and something women have tried to devalue by standing to pee themselves.  Apparently, with 40% of Japanese men sitting to pee anyway, this is a redundant invention for that country.  Audibility seems to be another way men “oppress” women with their comparative biological advantage.

The obvious answer is to turn on the faucet while going.  In my experience, women need to be more conscientious about doing that than men do.  But, welcoming the installation and forced use of these stools in public areas would be worth it for the resulting splashback–pun intended–alone.

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