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Disturbing potential weekend activity: Ball Tapping

By J. DeVoy


Originally linked to at The Spearhead, this is a cringe-inducing way to start off the weekend.  Rest assured, as this is the “ultimate” ball tapping video, you need not go further to sate your ball tapping needs.

Ball tapping is not only startling, it’s new.  Growing up, the testicle-mashing game of choice was Roshambo, popularized by Eric Cartman in South Park’s early days.  Unlike ball tapping, Roshambo featured two men taking turns inflicting as much genital pain on one another as possible.  (For the record, your author has never played Roshambo.)

Unlike Roshambo, ball tapping doesn’t seem to  have a clearly identifiable winner.  How can you win when you’re letting someone pulverize the family jewels?  Everyone’s a loser in this scenario, including that girl.  Younger readers, remember her face, the face of a literal ball-buster, and live in fear of her kind.

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