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Baldwin, Florida Pants Update

I just found the preamble to the Baldwin, Florida “Pants Law.”

If you missed that story, See Baldwin, Florida – Another Day, Another Peckerwood Town Passes Another Dumb Law

As if the story couldn’t be any funnier, here is the legislative justification for Guy Ambrose’s brilliant ordinance.

No comedy writer could ever come up with this kind of stuff.

WHEREAS, the Town Council of the Town of Baldwin has found that the welfare of the residents of the Town of Baldwin is hampered and imposed upon by persons intentionally wearing their pants below their waist for the purposes of exposing themselves and their undergarments …

Ambrose would win the ass-hat award, but those who engage in unconstitutional actions simply because they are stupid are ineligible for the award. I see no sign of intelligence in this man whatsoever, so he’s going to have to settle for the flori-duh tag.

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