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Buy this book or I start killing kittens.
Buy this book or I start killing kittens.

I don’t plug products on this blawg very often. However, my little sister wrote a book called Go Tweet Yourself: 365 Reasons Why Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and Other Social Networking Sites Suck.

Flip Twitter the bird.

Tell Facebook to f#@% off.

Lose it on LinkedIn.

Somewhere between the advent of Facebook and launching Twitter to the masses, the Internet betrayed us. It allowed pages to be viewed by job interviewers, newsfeeds to be flooded by Aunt Julie, and for constant tweets about what color socks that random girl from the study group is going to wear today.

This book is the hilarious reply all that says: enough is enough. We don’t want to see the pictures from your business trip to Omaha. We don’t want a page-by-page account of what’s going on in Twilight. We definitely don’t want a virtual drink!

When you can’t fix the problem, fix the blame. And since there’s no way in 2.0-hell that you can put an end to the bastardization of the Book, you may as well have a good laugh while pointing the finger at those who ruined their online experience.

Buy the book or this may be their last meal...
Buy the book or this may be their last meal...
I have a dozen kittens at my house. For each day that goes by that the book does not sell 1,000 copies, I shall place one kitten in a wood chipper. When I run out, I will comb the newspaper and find more kittens that people are giving away. The yard will run red with the blood of kittens, and it will be ON YOUR HANDS!

Go ahead. Call my bluff.

You better buy a copy of my little sister’s book.

Click here to buy it.

To the FTC: Yes, I got something for recommending this book. My little sister wrote it. She gave me her sisterly love for the recommendation. Now go shit in your hat.

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