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You remember that episode, where Michael Scott declares bankruptcy? [youtube=] Keep that in mind for this lesson, kids. This happens to all of us, from time to time. A lawyer

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Law Enforcement Priorities

I’ve been involved in the debate over whether we should criminalize “revenge porn.” As much as I despise the practice, I don’t agree with new criminal laws to punish it.

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Drones and Privacy Rights

By Jay Wolman Shameless plug:  I appeared on Fox 25 Boston last night discussing issues relating to privacy rights and personal use drones that take surveillance video. Link to the

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Rest in Slack, Brother

In honor of Cliff Heller, who merged with the infinite on this day in 2006, the Legal Satyricon flag is lowered to half mast and there will be no posts

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Happy Christmas. Fuck You.

Denham Springs, Louisiana resident Sarah Childs was in a dispute with her neighbors. So she exercised her First Amendment rights and created a special holiday message just for them. The

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David McKee, Are you a Tool?

I don’t know, but I think you might be learning a thing or two about the Streisand Effect. Apparently, Dennis Laurion did not like Dr. McKee’s bedside manner, reviewing him

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