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Civil Liberties

Revolution Number 9

by Jay Marshall Wolman As previously discussed, reader Angie NK asked for a post about the Ninth Amendment.  I digressed to the Fourth Amendment as I had some thoughts already percolating

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Prosecuting Police for Trespass

by Jay Marshall Wolman In a comment to my post announcing the formation of the Third Amendment Lawyers Association, reader Angie NK asked for some Ninth Amendment love. I’ll get

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“If you protest, you’re just inciting the police to shoot you, so what do you expect?” Pretty stupid, huh? How about, “if you don’t want people to protest, then don’t

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How to cite to Walter Sobchak

If you don’t know what the deal is with prior restraint, here, watch: [youtube=] There. Simple. Right? THE SUPREME COURT HAS ROUNDLY REJECTED PRIOR RESTRAINT! I wish I could just

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Drunk Driving Permits

In Ireland, County Kerry Councillor Danny Healy-Rae proposed changing the law to allow drunk driving permits to rural inhabitants. (source) Crazy? Crazier still, it PASSED! Mind you, I don’t really

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