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Dumbass Typosquatter of the Day

Some dumbass registered thousands of typosquatting domains. A handful of them were typosquatting on Microsoft’s trademarks, so Microsoft sued him for $2.4 million. Now the dumbass wants to just hand

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Cybersquatter gets his Comeuppance

Cybersquatters often either hide offshore, or they claim to be offshore, or they claim that they don’t have any money — ergo they are “judgment proof.” Well, Marc Trachtenberg, the

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Online UDRP

I finally took a stab at filing a UDRP proceeding with the Czech Arbitration Court (my previous go-to was WIPO, and I’d never use NAF). What attracted me? Online filing!

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Is Godaddy a Mass Cybersquatter?

We have all bumped into pay-per-click sites while looking for actually useful information. You know these sites. You type in a domain name, fully expecting to find a useful website,

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$164K Fine for Typosquatting

Zuccarini is at it again! Notorious typosquatter, John Zuccarini is in trouble again — this time with the Federal Trade Commission. They just imposed a $164K fine on the Moby

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