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Legal Education

Shouldn’t I get CLE for watching?

by Jay Marshall Wolman As a lawyer admitted in multiple jurisdictions, I find myself having to ensure I keep up with Continuing Legal Education (CLE) requirements.  With my CIPP/US certification,

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NYT on Law School Economics

By J. DeVoy Just weeks before the bar exam, the New York Times craps all over the nonsensical economics of legal education.  Based on the Times’ research, US News rankings

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Only the ABA….

The ABA has finally acknowledged that the legal profession is in a tailspin by publishing The Value Proposition of Attending Law School. The document essentially just says that law school

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Yale Law Journal Logo

By J. DeVoy Let’s see, a crocodile (or alligator) and what appear to be croquet wickets.  Are we sure it’s not just a glorified Lacoste ad?

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