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Legal Education

Student Loan Slavery!

Way back when, they said “go to the best law school you can get into.” I say bullshit. You want a law degree? Go to the CHEAPEST school you can

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"White Collar Trash"

JD Hull’s “What About Clients?” blog could kick Chuck Norris’ ass. Evidence: Read this little passage he writes about law professor Peter Friedman. This man can help you. He deferred

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LSAT improvement: $8-11.5k

By J. DeVoy The LSAT summer intensive preparation regimen from Kaplan: $7,999 for the program; $11,499 with housing included. Ready to do anything it takes to achieve a powerhouse LSAT

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School's out forever

By J. DeVoy On May 8, 2010, Chris Harbin graduated from the University of Michigan Law School.  Today, I’ll take my walk across the stage as well.  Neither event was

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Law School Relegation

by Christopher Harbin European Soccer Leagues have a concept called relegation.  Teams that are in the bottom of the standings get punted down to the second-class league for the entire

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