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Sex Law

The Magic Underwear State vs. Sexytime

Utah, apparently a hotbed of prostitution, appears to have had some trouble enforcing its anti-solictitation laws. Under Utah law, “solicitation” is defined as follows: 76-10-1313. Sexual solicitation (1) A person

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WTF Wisconsin?

by Jason Fischer The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled this week that committing a sex crime is not necessarily a prerequisite for ordering a convict to register as a sex offender

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Bob Guccione belated RIP

by Charles Platt I’m slightly stunned to learn that Bob Guccione died ten days ago. Why would I care? Because he was an idiot-savant of the sexual revolution who also

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Craig's List yields to pressure?

by Platt & Randazza The “Adult Services” listing on Craiglist was removed late Friday on its U.S.-based sites and replaced with the word “censored.” Story here. Interestingly enough, if you

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