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Court unseals documents in the Epstein-related case of Giuffre v. Maxwell

Randazza Legal Group Sketch
Marc Randazza argues to the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in favor of a First Amendment right to access court records.  Jay Wolman appears to the left.

After Randazza Legal Group’s request to unseal documents in a case involving the Jeffrey Epstein scandal was denied by a District Court, Marc Randazza and Jay Wolman urged the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to overturn the order. On July 3, 2019, the court agreed the documents should be public and directed that they be unsealed.

“The courts cannot be fair if they are not open for the public to review what led to the court’s decision. The courts belong to the people – and both the common law and the First Amendment demand that the court proceedings take place in the sunshine, not in the secret caverns of a star chamber,” said Randazza.  “We are delighted that the Second Circuit reaffirmed this long standing right,” Randazza said. 

Below are documents unsealed today by the court in the Epstein-related case of Giuffre v. Maxwell:

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