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Criminal Law exam question: What if someone smashed in the ABA's head with a chapati pan?

Most criminal law courses require the students to read DPP v. Camplin . In that case, an older guy by the name of Khan raped a 15 year old boy and then taunted him. So, the boy bashed in Khan’s head with a chapati pan. The court held that in deciding whether the charge should be reduced from murder to manslaughter, how a reasonable person in the defendant’s position would react to such provocation.

Well, a number of months ago, the ABA did a real Khan on the legal profession by giving the thumbs up to sending legal jobs to India. Thanks ABA, now we lawyers can feel the same degree of indignity suffered by the call center operators.

India thanked us today by ruling that foreign law firms were not welcome in that country. (source).

So, after the ABA anally raped us by shipping U.S. lawyers’ jobs to India (during the greatest glut of U.S. lawyers in history), and then India taunts us by then refusing to even allow U.S. firms to operate there, would it be a reasonable defense to the charge of murder if an unemployed law graduate with $250K in student loan debt flew up to Chicago and bashed in the heads of the abject fucking imbeciles who decided that we should ship his job to India?

Will someone tell me how I can run for president of the ABA? I promise that if elected, I will fire everyone who works for the ABA, terminate the lease on its offices, give every dime in its coffers to some ludicrously hilarious charity, and disband the damn thing.

And yes, I DO see the irony in my complete disgust with the ABA being voiced alongside a badge pimping for votes in the ABA 100. That’s the point. It amps up the lulz factor.

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