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Dillsnap Cogitations

Dillsnap Cogitations is a marvelous blend of politics and punk-rock tribute that makes no such attempt and offers no apologies. Its author describes himself as follows:

Hi, my name is Johnny Peepers. I am a socio-pathetic degenerate with a penchant for cheap booze, ruphy-laden broads, and dim sum soup. I have a maniacal and brooding personality, often described as emotionally-stunted, and tortured beyond repair. Some say I evoke a mental image of Travis Bickle. That is, if Bickle had suffered a sadistic and nightmarish upbringing, three months of violent frontal lobe electrical shock, and a daily punishing drop-kick to the nut-satchel. I love children and small animals because they represent everything that I am not. Namely, they are pure and innocent representations of God’s bounty here on Earth. I weep when I think of all the suffering in the world. I also weep when I urinate small particulates of crystal methamphetamine too though. I hope to meet new people who share my optimistic outlook for humanity. Although I am a tainted and brutally scarred shell of a man, I hope to motivate others to rise above their impediments and retardedness to achieve what I have not.

How the hell can you not be intrigued? Danger, you may be stuck there for hours on end.

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