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Finally! Is explicit content coming to the iPhone?

By J. DeVoy

From the Telegraph:

Several developers have reported seeing a new category appearing in the drop-down menus of iTunes Connect, the platform they use to distribute apps through the App Store. Alongside standard categories, such as “entertainment”, “games” and “productivity”, is a new tag: “explicit”.

Apple has not commented on the rumours, or confirmed whether or not it will be adding an explicit category to the App Store. Some developers are now reporting that this category has been removed from iTunes Connect lists

The screenshot tells the story.

Rumoured explicit category for App Store

This will be a step forward for Apple if it comes to fruition.  Recently, the company caused a small uproar for pulling an adult application from its iTunes Store.  Moreover, this would be a significant change from Apple’s recent position against adult content in the iTunes Store, which was flimsy to begin with:

When asked about the Swimsuit Edition app, Phil said, “The difference is this is a well-known company with previously published material available broadly in a well-accepted format.”

Oh, so recognized brands like Hustler and Vivid don’t meet that threshold?  My bad.

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