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Grand Jury in Kansas Hands Down Obscenity Indictments

A Johnson County, Kansas grand jury just handed down indictments against three businesses for “promoting obscenity.” (source)

  1. Spirit Halloween, a costume store affiliated with Spencer Gifts allegedly “displayed adult costumes in places where minors could view them.” (indictment here)
  2. Hollywood at Home, “unlawfully and knowingly or recklessly” possessed and intended to sell: 1) Real Female Masturbation 13, 2) Anal Machines, 3) Hellcats 12, and 4) Don’t Kiss Me, I’m Straight.
  3. Priscilla’s was accused of possession of an “obscene” but as of yet unnamed DVD and “obscene sex toys” with an intent to distribute them. (indictment here)

The one that really makes me want to raise hell is the indictment against Spirit Halloween (although the others are likely unconstitutional as well). They “displayed adult costumes” where minors could view them? Let me get this straight… an item of clothing… a costume, no less, is something that could be considered to be “obscene?”

The indictment said the shop unlawfully and knowingly displayed the “Country Lovin’,” “Snake Charmer,” “Wet T-shirt,” and “Tricky Dick” costumes in a way that was harmful to minors and promoted obscenity.(source)

I was able to find images of the costumes. Warning… moronic grand juries in Kansas may cast you into the pit of hell for viewing them.

Country Lovin

Snake Charmer


Tricky Dick

Yep… you sell those in Kansas, you may find yourself indicted. Welcome to Kansas… the State that brought us Sam Brownback and the view that creationism should be taught as science is now the state where you can be dragged into court on criminal charges for displaying an “adult costume.”

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