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I hate "hate crimes"

And so does Rogier Van Bakel over at Nobody’s Business. No sense in me writing about them when he covers every single base, here.

Being greatly upset does not give you the higher moral ground. It does not earn you automatic respect. It’s exactly the opposite for me: Play the “I’m really upset” card as if it means anything — an attempted plea for sympathy usually made by hypocrites and weasels — and you will earn my enmity and scorn. Claiming that intemperate words can hurt just as much as bullets or blades is, after all, the same lame “argument” that religious crybabies of various stripes love making. Improbably enough, they believe that they somehow have the right not to have their feelings hurt. (source).

Of course, I guess if you’re going to have hate crime legislation at all, it oughta include protection for goths.

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